Thursday, June 11, 2009

Poops had her string concert tonight

I loved how people kept telling me that Poops looked like she was my sister vs me being her mom. I actually get that a lot..woo hoo...anywhoo..Poops did a great job. She played 3 songs and she really wants to do it next year but mostly because her teacher is so nice. I am getting tired of paying for the violin when she hardly ever wants to practice. I have to think about it a bit.

Peeps also ended up sitting next to a girl who will probably end up being in her Kindergarten class so that was nice. They played a little bit after the concert but each of them wanted to walk on the balance beam and they kept getting in each others way. Anywhoo..I took a picture of them. Won't it be funny if they end up being good friends? The funniest part about that is that they both went to the same babysitter for a few months. Peeps didn't fare well in that sitters so we had to take her out but it is a big coincidence.

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