Friday, June 12, 2009

The ferret and a new puppy perhaps?

Okay, so we adopted a ferret and obviously it was a bad idea. The little guy is cute, friendly (so long as you aren't squeaking a toy), and playful but man he is STINKY. Why must he be so stinky? And, this is Peeps's new passion in life. She loves Bananna...Bananna Head, Bananna Cookie Head, and or Ferry. Yep, he goes by all those names. He could have multiple personality disorder caused by the excessive amount of names we have given him. So far, he's been "lost" a few times..always ending up in the closet in his room but still created much havoc and panic amoung the girls..and he's been hurt! The other day Peep's was putting him back in his cage and his foot got stuck. He screamed so loud it was like a banshee..the worst scream I've EVER heard. He was spitting and going crazy until he freed himself and then his leg was all curled up under him. He seems fine now but that really freaked me out. I thought..I've got to come up with a plan to get rid of this ferret without breaking my children's hearts. Then comes he idea of adopting another dog..a shelter dog perhaps. I call around and get some prices and its 300$ to adopt a shelter mut dog? Are shelters CRAZY???? I paid $350 for my pure bread peke as a brand new puppy! Anywhoo..I found out my uncle's pooch is prego with 8 pups but these are big dogs...lab/ret mixes. My mind starts turning as I think of all the ways I can't handle a big dog..but is it worth it to get a big dog in order to justify giving the ferret away. Hmmmm.....still thinking about it.

Batch of puppies my uncle's dog had last year

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The Japanese Redneck said...

Banana head is cute even if he is stinky!